We work proactively with the search and selection of specialists and executives,

whereby we mainly use active sourcing methods known as headhunting and direct search.

In some cases we work discreetly and without advertising the vacancies we are filling,

but in many cases we combine our headhunting with job postings on the internet.

When selecting specialists and executives we use different analyses and testing tools

as well as competency evaluations. These are validated Tools which are suitable for

both selection and retention of employees as well as personal and organizational

development, leadership/management training/coaching and career guidance.

Our search and selection methods have already convinced many clients and

we have a long reference list of vacancies which we have successfully filled. If required

we can also offer to support our customers through parts of the recruitment process

- interviewing, testing, assessing, selecting as well as developing employees.

It is well known that "a second opinion" can be truly valuable!

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